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Date of Birth .

2007 BFA – Honor National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, Pakistan.




Auctioned Work:

2013 October, ART for EDUCATION by TCF “Region/Religion Series V” at Dubai

2013 March, Christies for WFP, “Up-To-Date 1” at Dubai


Solo Shows:

2012 to 2013  Love or Devotion?  Curated by Sarah Bakhtiyar, Commune Art Gallery, Karachi

2012  Dot to Dot, Curated by Shiblee Munir, LCWU, Lahore

2011 to 2012  Angles or Demons? Curated by Aasi Akhtar at KHAAS Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan

2008  Honor in Thesis Projected (Region and Religion) National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan



2004 to 2012  Jammal Shah (Hunarkada) Islamabad

2003 to 2007  Ustad Khursheed Gohar Kalam (Studio) Lahore

2003  R.M Naeem (Studio) Lahore

2003 to 2004  Muhammad Hanif Ramay (Studio) Lahore

1999 to 2003  Jamil Naqsh (Museum), Karachi

1999 to 2003  Chitra Pritam (Studio) Karachi


Group Shows:

2013  November, Common Dimensions  at Artscene galleries Karachi,Pakistan

2013  November, Here and now at Mussawir art gallery Dubai,UAE

2013  July-August, Travelling Show “Lets Vote for Pakistan” Pak-USA

2013  April Beyond Society collaboration with NCA, Huner-kada, USA’s Embassy and Phillips art collection at NCA Gallery Rawalpindi/Islamabad

2012  Art within and beyond Pakistan, Losangeles, USA

2012  Art Fair Istanbul Contemporary, Turkey

2012  October  Scope “The Mughal of Modern Times”, Basel, Switzerland

2012  Faceoff, Nishtar Hall, Peshawar, Pakistan

2011  Group Show, Toronto Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2011  7th Annual Young Artists Exhibition, Al-hamra Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

2011  “We Stand United” Vogue Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

2010  Group Show, The Drawing Room Art Gallery, Pakistan

2010  Slick Art Fair, Paris, France

2010  New-s Item, Lahore Art Council at Al-hamra Art Gallery, Pakistan

2010  24th Annual Exhibition, Al-hamra Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

2010  Vision in miniature: Modern Manuscript Paintings at Twelve Gates Gallery Philadelphia, USA

2009  Appropriate the traditions, Pakistan Conciliate, New York, USA

2009  Symposium: Future of the Past, National Art Gallery Islamabad, Pakistan

2009  Talwar Art Gallery New York, USA

2009  “Miniature Show” Permanent Art Gallery, Al-hamra Culture Complex, Pakistan

2009  Travelling Exhibition Punjab, India

2009  “Refreshed”, Al-hamra Young Artist Exhibition. Lahore, Pakistan

2008  Contemporary Miniature, Art Scene, Karachi, Pakistan

2008  Sacred Marks, Sacred Space, Bradford, UK

2008  4 sides Nairang Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

2008  Khaas Gallery, Islamabad

2008  Al-hamra Art Gallery

2008  LUMS Art Gallery, Lahore