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Date of Birth 1980 April


2006 BFA  from National College of Arts (Lahore) PAKISTAN.
Major in miniature


     Print Making
     Oil painting


2007 to Date
Dimension Stones Center, PCSIR Complex Peshawar.

2008 to 2009 I taught in Fatimah Jinnah Women University as a lecturer working on Drawing , Miniature.

Lectures at Cecos & Hazara University and at ASG (Asia study Group) slideshow, lectures and Exhibitions of miniature. Free workshop in Hazara University.

Eight Months of Work Experience in first Miniature Studio.

2010 to 2011  I taught in Rawalpindi Institute of Art/Design.

2011  I have done 4 days free lance miniature workshop in 1st miniature studio Rawalpindi.

I  worked for Pak association falconry.

2011  I am teaching in Pakistan Institute of Fashain and Design Lahore.


2006  Turkish award (peace at home peace in the world.

2008  First prize in Muree Competition.

2008  Guljee Award Show in Abbaseen Art Gallery, Peshawar

2011  S. S. Haider Award in Abbaseen Art Gallery, Peshawar 


Solo Exhibitions/Shows

2006  Exhibition (Thesis Display) at NCA.

2007  Show in Dimension Stones Center, Peshawar    

2008  Show in Dimension Stones Center, Peshawar    

2008  Exhibition in Hazara University     

2008  Iapex (Institute of Architects Peshawar Pakistan      

2008  Inauguration Of Dimension Stone Center Peshawar    

2009  Solo show in miniature first studio Rawalpindi

2010  Solo show “Pachydermal’”  in rohtas 1 islamabad   

2011  Solo Exhibition At Kunj At Karachi.     


Group Exhibitions/Shows

2004  Rang-e- Raigzaar. Group exhibition held at Zahur-ul-Haq Gallery NCA 

2005  Calligraphy at Alhamra art Council 

2007  Exhibition in Kunj Art Gallery Karachi.

2007  Exhibition ( Lahore Museum) Tollinton market 

2007  Exhibition NCA Rawalpindi Campus 

2007  Exhibition (Illuminated Manuscript) at Nairang Gallery, Lahore

2008  Painting Competition In U.E.T Peshawar 

2008  Exhibition (The Art Gallery) Karachi

2009  Behind the Frame, PNCA Islamabad

2009  Alhamra art galley, Qadhafi Stadium (group show)   

2010  Art faire in gallrey6   Islamabad

2010  Show in Rawalpindi institute of art/design 

2011  Vogue gallery Lahore (5 provinces national group show)

2011  Group competition in IMSciences Peshawar  

2011  United - in the Age of Dialogue in PNCA  by  RASTAY 

2011  Itwar bazaar in gallery 6 Islamabad 

2011  Group show in jharoka art gallery by RASTAY

2012  Group show in pnca islamabad


International Exhibitions/Shows

2006  Exhibition Algerian Ministry of Culture in collaboration with ISESCO organizing an Islamic Competition of Miniature.

2007  Exhibition in (New End Gallery), London. 

2009  Twelvegatesgallery New Jarcey USA

2009  Twelvegatesgallery New Jarcey USA 

2009  Twelvegatesgallery New Jarcey USA 

2010  Art faire in Paris  

2012  Group show in Iran

2012  Group show in Toronto

2012  Group show in Saudia Arabia