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Date of Birth 1975

1991-1995  4 Years Diploma in Fine Arts From Karachi School of Arts


Professional Experience:  

Instructor of Fine Arts

1996-1997  Ghulshan-e-Fatima Higher Secondary School Karachi.

2000-2001  Was affiliated with FACTS institute Karachi as a teacher –for 1 year.

2002  Arts Classes at Pak-American Culture Center.


Solo Exhibitions

2011  OCEAN Art Galleries Lahore.

2008  ZENAINI Art Gallery Karachi

2007  Unicorn Art Gallery Karachi

2006  Croweater Art Gallery Lahore

2005  Croweater Art Gallery Lahore

2004  ZENAINI Art Gallery Karachi

2003  The Art Gallery Karachi

2003  Mashos Art Gallery Karachi

2002  Nomad Art Gallery Karachi

2002  The Art Gallery Karachi

2001  Majmua Art Gallery Karachi

2001  Nomad Art Gallery Karachi

2001  Nomad Art Gallery Karachi

2000  Nomad Art Gallery Karachi


Tow Persons Show:

2012  Two Men Show at Louvr Art Gallery Karachi

2002  Two Men Show at Hotel Sheraton Art Gallery Karachi

2001  Two Men Show at Nomad Art Gallery Karachi

2000  Two Men Show at Hotel Sheraton Art Gallery Karachi.


Selected Grop Exhibitions:

2010  Group Exhibition at LOUVRE Art Gallery Karachi.

2010  Group Show of Paintings "The Great Outdoors" at Oyster Art Gallery Lahore.

2010  Group Show of Paintings "Hues of Harmony" by Prominent Artist Pakistan and India at PC Hotel    Dubai.  

2010  Fund Raising Show for a Noble Cause for flood victims’ at Unicorn Art Gallery Karachi.

2010  Group Show "Transcending Borders II " by Prominent Artists Pakistan, India & Bangladesh at  Radisson Water Garden   Hotel Dhaka Bangladesh

2009  Group Show of Paintings "Contemporary Art FEST" at 919 Gallery Karachi.

2008  Auction "Salle Drouot" organized by the French Consulate Karachi. 

2007  Group  Exhibition, "Indus Strokes"  The TajMahal Palace & Tower Mumbai India.

2007  A Reflection of Pakistan Art at Diva 341 west Broadway New York U.S.A.

2006  Group Exhibition at Eye for Art Gallery Karachi.

2006  Group Show by Prominent Artists from Pakistan & Bangladesh at Al Diyafah 6 Crown Plaza Hotel  Dubai.

2006  Ibteda- The Beginning, Gandhara- (Pakistan’s First virtual exhibition)

2005  Group Exhibition at NOMART Art Gallery Karachi.

2005  Fund Raising Show for a Noble Cause at NOMAD Art Gallery Islamabad.

2005  A Fund Raising Exhibition of visual arts- Art for Noble Cause at AJAZ Art Galleries Lahore.

2005  Group Exhibition NAIRANG Art Gallery Lahore.

2004  Group Exhibition UNICORN Art Gallery Karachi.

2003  Group Exhibition Karvan Karachi Art Festival at SAMAN ZAR Art Gallery Karachi.

2002  Group Exhibition TARIQJAY Art Gallery Karachi.

2001  Group Exhibition TARIQJAY Art Gallery Karachi.

2001  Group Exhibition TARIQJAY Art Gallery Karachi.

2001  Group Exhibition at HAMAIL Art Gallery Karachi.

2000  40th Anniversary Celebration Art Exhibition at P.A.C.C Karachi

2000  Tribute to Zahin Ahmed Group Show at Canvas Art Gallery Karachi.

2000  Group Exhibition of Paintings at LOUV Art Gallery Karachi.

2000  Vision 2000-Group Exhibition of Watercolorist at Funkar Art Gallery Karachi.

1999  Millennium Paintings Exhibition at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

1998  Exhibition of Paintings at Agency Art Gallery Karachi

1998  Exhibition of Paintings at Water Colour Art Gallery & Academy Lahore. 

1997  Indo-Pak Arts Exhibition at J.N.T.U Collage of Fine Arts Hyderabad (Daccan) India.

1997  Exhibition of Paintings organized by the Fine Arts Committee of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

1997  Exhibition of Paintings organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in Collaboration with the  Pakistan National Council of Arts Karachi.

1997  Exhibition of Paintings by the Fine Arts Society in Collaboration with KMC at Sadequain Art Gallery Karachi.

1996  Exhibition of Painting on the occasion of 50 Years of Pakistan at Arts Council of Pakistan  Karachi.

1994  Exhibition of Paintings at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.


Art Fairs:

2008  Untitled Artists Fair in Chelsea Town Hall, London