Waseem Ahmed

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Date of Birth 1976. Hyderabad, Pakistan.

2000 Dec  Bachelors in Fine Arts (Miniature painting)

Graduated from National college of Arts with Honors in The department Of Miniature Painting.




Solo Exhibitions:

2011  ‘Folding Unfolding’ Canvas Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2011  ‘Tactics of Invisibility’ Khass Art Gallery, Islamabad Pakistan.

2010  ‘Silver Bullet’ Laurent Delaye Gallery, London England.

2010  ‘Waseem Ahmed’ Witness and Voyeur Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2009  ‘Miniature Exhibition’ IVS Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2009  ‘A Virtuous perversion’ Chawkandi Art Karachi Pakistan.

2009  ‘Virtuous perversion Preview’ Rohtas  2 Lahore Pakistan.

2008  ‘Burqa Series’ (Scripting a New World),New Delhi India.

2008  ‘Miniatures Exhibition’ Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi India.

2008  ‘Miniatures Exhibition’ Ejaz  Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.

2007  ‘Miniatures’ Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2006  ‘Burqa Series’, Preview National College Of Arts Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.

2005  ‘Miniature’ Clifton Art Gallery ,Karachi Pakistan.

2004  ‘Miniature’ Chaukandi  Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2003  ‘Miniature’ Rohtas 2 Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2000  Thesis Show At National College Of Arts, Lahore Pakistan.


Group Exhibitions:

2011  ’The Body in 6*3’,Koel Gallery, Karachi Pakistan

2011  ‘Visit Us at Contemporary Istanbul’ Jankossen Gallery, Istanbul Turkey.

2010  ‘Have I ever Opposed You? New Art From India and Pakistan’ Fleming & Partner (now Gowen   Contemporary), Geneva Switzerland.

2009  Opening Show of Vogue Art Gallery Lahore Pakistan.

2008  ‘off the Beaten Path South Asian Exhibition, Bengal Gallery, Bangladesh.

2007  Group Show of Various Artists of Pakistan, National Art Gallery, Islamabad Pakistan.

2006  Group Exhibition Curate By Common wealth Society Australia.

2006  Between Two Worlds (miniature exhibition), Crow Eaters Gallery Lahore Pakistan.

2005  Miniature Exhibition, Mumbai.

2005  Miniature Exhibition, Diverse Voice, Oman.

2005  Exhibition at Anant Art Gallery (Ritu,Mausam,Season)  New Delhi India.

2005  ‘Wassli’ (group miniature Painting show) Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore Pakistan.

2005  Group Show of Paintings by 25-Senior Artists Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2004  Exhibition at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, ‘Contemporary Miniature Painting From Pakistan’   Japan.

2004  Art From Pakistan Exhibition At Parliament House, London.

2004  The Academy of Fine Art And Literature ‘Pause For A Cause, New Delhi India.

2004  The Paintings of Senior Painter Of Pakistan, Clifton art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2004  SIDE b (New art From Lahore), Nairang Art Gallery Lahore Pakistan.

2004  Miniature Exhibition, Gallery NCA Lahore Pakistan.

2004  ‘Nomad’ Art Gallery Islamabad Pakistan.

2003  Exhibition in France.

2003  Exhibition in Kathmandu.

2003  Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2002  ‘Exotic bodies’ (Eastern Representation of the West), Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston,  London England.

2002  ‘Miniature’ Canvas Art Gallery Karachi Pakistan.

2002  ‘Miniature’ Chawkandi Art Gallery Karachi Pakistan.

2001  ‘Miniatures’ At Rishiki Art Gallery, Mumbai India.

2001  ‘Miniatures’ I.I.C Art Gallery, Delhi india.

2001  ‘Miniatures’ Athens And Worsa,  Greece.

2001  Art Shart Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.

2001  ‘Miniatures’ Sim Sim  Art Gallery Lahore Pakistan.

2001  ‘Miniatures’ Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore Pakistan.

2000  Revival Of Traditional Miniature Painting Gallery NCA, Lahore Pakistan.

1999  ‘Miniatures’ Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.

1997  Sindh Education Trust, Hyderabad Pakistan.

1993/96  Hyderabad Arts Council Pakistan.


Workshops & Residencies.

2007  Green Island International Human Rights Artist’s Workshop, Taiwan.

2007  Britto Residency, Dhaka Bangladesh.

2006  VASL International Residency, Karachi Pakistan.

2005  Celebration Of 350 Year Birthday Of TajMahal Group Of Artists From Pakistan And India Invite To Paint TajMahal And A Group Exhibition Curate After that Works Displayed At Agra, Delhi,  Bombay and Jaipur, India.


Private Collection: 

Museum for Asiatische Kunst, Staatiche Museum zu Berlin.

British Museum London.

Virginia While Collection, UK.

Anupam podar Collection, India.

Salima Hashmi, Pakistan.

Naazish Ataullah Collection, Pakistan.

Sajda vandal Collection, Pakistan.



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Ali salwat, Joumeys of the Spirit, Pakistan Art in the New Millennium, Fomma  (Foundation of museum of Modern art) in Association with Pakistan National council of the art, Pakistan, 2008.

Athar Tahir, Pakistan Colors, Oxford University Press, 2001.

David Rukhsana, Contemporary Miniature Painting in Lahore 1980-2007, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. 

Numerous reviews in various national and international magazine and newspapers.