Rahat Masud

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Date of Birth .

2010  PhD, Fine Art by Practice Materializing the Spiritual in Contemporary Painting in Pakistan: An Artist’s Exploration of Figurative Art and Sufism. Kingston University, London.

1995  M.A. Art & Design, Kingston University, London.

1976  M.A. Fine Arts, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

1993-1997  Open Studio Student, Heatherly School of Art, Chelsea London.

1993-1997  Advanced Drawing Courses at Wimbledon School of Art, London.

1996  Watercolor Course at Heatherly School of Art, Chelsea London.


Teaching Experience: 

30 Years of Teaching Experience in Painting, Drawing and History of Muslim Painting


Member of Selected Bodies:

2004-2007-2009  Member, Board of Governors, Alhamra Art Council, Lahore.

2010  Member of Board of Governors and Board of Trustees, BOT, National College of Arts, Lahore.

2010  Member, Board of Governors, Gulberg College for Women, Lahore.

1989-1991,1999-2002,2009 Convener and Member Board of Studies, College of Art and Design Punjab University.

2007  Member, National Advisory Committee for Review and Revision of National Curriculum Framework Fine art –XI-XII.

2006  Member, Curatorial Committee National Art Gallery, Islamabad.

2010-2011  Member, Selection Board, Lahore College for Women University.

2007  Member, Advisory Committee, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad.

1989-1990  Executive Member, Artists Association Of Punjab.

2002-2009  Member, Board of Studies, Department of Fine arts, Kinnaird College for Women.

1993-1997  Council Member, Ridley Art Society, London.

1993-1997  Member, Free Painters and Sculptors Association, London.

1995-1997  Member, Women’s Art library, London.

1994-1997  Member, Indian Art circle, London.

1994-1997  Member, Islamic Art Circle, London.

1982  Member,Young Artists Association.



Work reviewed and evaluated in books, magazines and, newspapers by authors/art critics Salima Hashmi, Marjorie Hussain, Mariam Habib, Qudus Mirza, AtharTahir, Saira Dar, Bibigul, Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Dr. ShaukatMahmood, Dr. Munawar Ahmad, Ashfaq Rasheed, Anila Ghulam Hussain, Nadeem Alam, Dr.Marcella Sirhandi.

2008 Nov  A Sensitive Soul by Irum Ansari, SHE Magazine.

2008  Beyond Light and Shade by Sami-ur-Rehman.

2007 Aug  Appreciation by Qudus Mirza.

2007 Jun  Character Sketches by Bilal Tanweer, The News.

2005 Aug  I paint the state of my mind” by Quddus Mirza, The News, Encore, Sunday Magazine.

2005 Feb  In the Studio by Marjorie Hussain, Dawn Gallery.

2005 Jul  Painting is Born Again by Quddus Mirza, The News.

2004 Sep  Female Fantasies by Fatima Raja, Friday Times.

2004 Nov  The Pakistani Painters by Sajid Abbas, The Nation.

2004  Recent Reflections on The Nirvan Seeking Divine Ecstasy by Dr. Khalid Mahmud, Face On Megazine.

2003 Sep  Passion to Paintby Sajid Abbas, The Nation.

2003 Jan  Local Art & Global Threats by Quddus Mirza, The News.

2003 Aug  Celebrating Humanity by Miriam Habib, The Dawn Gallery.

2003 Sep  Woman of Substance by Sadaf Naeem, Daily Times.

2002 Dec  Three Woman Artists by Saira Dar, Dawn Metropolitan.

2002 Oct  Genuine Artist by Mashal Bukhari, Daily Express.

2002 Jan  Commitment is the name of Art by Anila Ghulam Hussain.

2002 Jan  Inner Thoughts and Inspiration by Bibi Gul.

2002 Apr  Women Painters going Places by Marjorie Hussain.

2002  Unveiling the Visible Lives and Works of Women Artists of Pakistan bySalimaHashmi.

2000  Impressive Pastels by Dr. Marcella Sirhandi, Libas Magazine.

Dr.SohailaJaved explored the relationship between art and poetry, through my paintings in her doctoral thesis Sacred ExperienceHermeneutics of human Be(com) ing, Transforming through education-in-literature.University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


Selected Exhibitions:

2011  The Ishq Series, Solo Show, Ejaz Gallery, Lahore.

2011  The Ishq Series, Solo Show, Art Scene, Karachi.

2011  Passage through Pakistan, Royat Gallery, Lahore 2011.

2010  From Chicago to Lahore: Connecting Edge, Yates Gallery, Chicago, USA.

2010  Art Exhibition of the Contemporary Works by 17 of Pakistan’s most Talented Artists at the Omani  Society for Fine Arts, Muscat, Oman.

2010  Art for Life, in aid of the flood victims, organized by Alumni of the College of Art and Design,  University of the Punjab.

2010  Exhibition of Women Artists of Pakistan, National Gallery, Islamabad.

2009  Art Select Gallery, Dubai.

2009  Artists Association in Collaboration with The National Art Gallery, Islamabad.

2008  Eye to Eye, Nairang Galleries, Lahore.

2007  Grand Hyatt Dubai, Nitanjali Gallery.

2007  Many Facets of Eve, International Women Day, Hamail Art Gallery, Lahore.

2007  Trade Union, National College of Arts, Lahore.

2005  Art for a Noble Cause, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.

2005  The Art of Giving, Indus Inspiration, Long Hall, Lords, National United Bank, London.

2005  Celebrating 350 years of The Taj, India International Center, New Delhi, Sheraton Hotel, Agra.

2004  Image of Pakistan at World Bank Islamabad, Pakistan.

2003  Exhibition of International Interchange of MokWud Hoe Art Association, Spirit of Asia, Korea.

2003  8th National Exhibition of Visual Arts, Al-Hamra Lahore, Pakistan.

2003  Land and Cultural Heritage of Pakistan, National Library Auditorium, Constitution Avenue  Islamabad.    

2003  Peace with India, Lahore.

2003  Fifty Six Years of Pakistani Painting, Alhamra.

2002  Paintings from Pakistan, the Niavaran Gallery Tehran, Iran.

2001  Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah, UAE.

2002  The Spirit Within, Three person show, Crow eaters Gallery, Lahore.

2002  Let Peace Prevail by Women Painters of Pakistan, VM gallery Karachi.

2002  Pakistan, Places and Faces, Lahore Museum.

2002  Past and Present, Ejaz Galleries Lahore.

2001  Takhti Exhibition, Freer hall Karachi.

2001  Three person Show, Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad.

2000  Solo Show, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.

2000  Millennium Show, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.

2000  Remembering Zahoor, National College of the Arts Lahore.

1996  Teddington in Bloom, Post Nostalgia Gallery, Teddington, UK.

1996  Art Connoisseur Gallery, Ridley Art Society, UK.

1996  Creators and Innovators, Bourne Hall Ewell, Surrey, UK.

1996  Human Form Re-Vitalised, Post Nostalgia Gallery, Teddington, UK.

1996  National Exhibition Pakistan, National Council of the Arts, Islamabad.

1995  Free Painters and Sculptors, Loggia Gallery, London .

1995  Ridley Art Society, Whitleys, London.

1995  Isis Gallery, London .

1994  Fantasy, Women Art Library Show of Fifteen British Women Artists, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

1991  All Punjab Exhibition of Paintings, Graphic Arts ,Calligraphy and Sculpture – Punjab Arts Council,   Lahore.

1987  The First Art Biennale of Pakistan, PNCA, Lahore.

1985-2010  Participated in Artists Association of Punjab Exhibitions, AlHamra, Lahore.

1982  Young Artists Association, Lahore.



2007  Fatima Jinnah National Award for Meritorious Service in the field of Painting, Women   International Day,.

1999  Artists Association of Punjab Award.

1991  Punjab Council of the Arts Prize for Outstanding Work.

1976  Gold Medal for attaining first class first position in M.A. Fine Arts, University of the Punjab.        

1976  Gold Medal for standing first in the Social Sciences Humanities, in the University of the Punjab.