Hajra Mansoor

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Awards and Appreciation:

1962-1963  Hajra studied on a Scholarship from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Lucknow.

After moving to Karachi, she participated in the Karachi Arts Exhibition conducted by the Pakistan

Arts Council, Karachi in 1966and won the Second prize. Then in 1982, she got the First prize in Haidar

Awards, conducted by Abasin Arts Council, NWFP.

1996  Hajra won the Chughtai Award in the All Pakistan National Exhibition sponsored by the Pakistan   National Council of Arts PNCA.



1965  Exhibition with Mansur Rahi at the Residence of Mr. Salman A. Ali Director Foreign  Affairs,Karachi

1966  Solo exhibition at the Karachi School of Arts, Karachi.

1968  Group exhibition at “The Gallery”, Karachi.

1969  Solo exhibition of Paintings and sculpture at the Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

1973  National exhibition of paintings at the “Indus Gallery:, Karachi.

1973  Group exhibition of women painters of Pakistan in Liaquat Hall, Rawalpindi, sponsored by P.N.C.A.

1977  Solo exhibition at the “Gallery Atelier B.M., Karachi.

1978  Solo exhibition at the National gallery in Islamabad, through P.N.C.A.

1979  Asian Art show in Fokuoka, South Japan, sponsored by P.N.C.A.

1980  Group exhibition of women artists in Indus Gallery, Karachi.

1981  Solo exhibition in Indus Gallery, Karachi.

1981  Solo exhibition in National Gallery P.N.C.A., Islamabad.

1981  Pakistan National Exhibition organized by P.N.C.A. in Liaquat Hall, Rawalpindi.

1981  17th Asian Arts Show in Tokyo, Japan, sponsored by P.N.C.A.

1981  Group exhibition of five women artists at Indus Gallery, Karachi.

1982  Group exhibition at Hirshorn Museum, Washington D.C., USA arranged by P.N.C.A. Hajr received special admiration for her work.

1983  Solo exhibition of paintings, Pakistan Arts Council , Karachi.

1984-85  Group exhibitions in Bangladesh and India.

1986  Visited London and Paris. Held a private show of Drawings in the gallery Musee de Alma, Paris.

1987  Solo exhibition in P.N.C.A. and created huge mural in water colour for Foreign office.

1988  Exhibition with Mansur Rahi in Pak-French Cultural Centre, Islambad.

1989  Exhibition with Mansur Rahi at Gandhara Art Gallery, Islamabad.

1989  Solo exhibition at gallery Chowkandi, Karachi.

1990  Group exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

1990  Solo exhibition at Indus Gallery, Islamabad.

1991  Solo exhibition at gallery Chowkandi, Karachi.

1991  Exhibition with Mansur Rahi at Rahi Niketan Gallery, Islamabad.

1992  Solo exhibition at Art Gallery, Islamabad.

1992  Solo exhibition at Gallery Chowkandi , Karachi

1992  Solo exhibition at Alliance Francaise, Peshawar.

1993  Solo exhibition at Indus Gallery, Karachi.

1993  Solo exhibition at Interior Gallery , Islamabad.

1993  Solo exhibition at Abasin Arts Council, Peshawar.

1993  Exhibition with Mansur Rahi in Gallery Virsa, Islamabad.

1994  Solo exhibition at Gallery Chowkandi , Karachi

1995  Solo exhibition at Alliance Francaise, Islamabad.

1995  Group shows in India and Bangladesh.

1996  Exhibition with Mansur Rahi in Turkey (Izmir).

1996  Solo exhibition at National Art Gallery, Islamabad.

1996  Solo exhibition at Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi.

1997  Group exhibition at Art Connoisseur Gallery, Landon.

2009  Solo exhibition at Art scene Galleries, Karachi.