Ali Azmat

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Date of Birth 1953

1998  M.F.A Master in Fine Arts”Gold Medal” Department of Fine Arts, University of the Punjab.

1997  B.F.A. Bachelor of Fine Arts  Department of Fine Arts, University of the Punjab.

1994  Diploma in Drawing & Painting from Al-Hamra Art Centre.



1999  Visiting Lecturer Painting, College of Art & Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore

1998-1999  Cartoonist, illustrator & contributor for Daily “The Nation” Pakistan.

1997-1998  Illustrated children story books for Tabeer Publishers.

2003  National Excellence Award,  “Pakistan National Council of the Arts” Islamabad.

1999  Award of Honour”given by Artists Association of Punjab on a Painting Display at 14th Annual Exhibition. 

1997  Won 2nd prize in annual Alhamra student paintings competition by “Lahore Art Council”

1996  Won 3rd prize in painting competition by Daily “Jang” Lahore.

2000  Gold medal in M.F.A. Painting, Department of Fine Arts, University of the Punjab.

2001  Civil Services Award,  Lahore.

2001  Prize in painting Organized by the Director General of Social Welfare, Women Development, Government of the Punjab, Lahore.

2000  Master in Fine Arts, Gold Medal, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

1999  Award of Honor, 14”Annual Punjab Artists Association Exhibition, Alhamra Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.

1997  2nd Prize, Annual Alhmara Painting competition, organized by the Lahore Arts Council, Lahore

1996  Painting competition, The Jung Daily, Lahore.

1999 to Date  Lecturer in Painting, College of Art & Design, University Of Punjab, Lahore. 


Solo  Exhibitions:

2011  Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom, Ejaz Gallery Lahore, Pakistan.

2009  Moorat Series, Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2009  Moorat Series, Preview, Rohtas Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2009  Moorat Series, Delaye Saltoun, London.

2008  Moorat Series, Preview, Al hamra Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2007  This is Not Untitled, Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2005  Paintings and Drawings, Canavs Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2003  Melancholy Series, Canvas Gallery Karachi, Pakistan.

2003  Melancholy Series, Preview, Studio A, Lahore, Pakistan.

1999  Drawings Show,  Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.


Group Exhibitions:

2010  Acy of Peace, 4 Contemporary Artists, Ocean Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2010  Ramzan Show, Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2007  Senior Artists Show, Clifton Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2006  15 Artists, Clifton Gallery Karachi, Pakistan.

2005  Contemporary Art from Pakistan, Clifton Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2003  6 Artists, group Show, at Kunj Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2002  3 Artists From Lahore, Tariq Jay, Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2001  4 Artist, Group Show at Canvas  Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2000  7 Artists, a Group show at Ejaz Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

1999  Thesis Show, Anna Molka Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

1999  5 Artists, Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.



2010  1947 The Year we were Born” Art Expo, Malaysia.

2010  Art of Life Alumni Show, Alhamra Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2010  Silent Auction Koel, Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2008  Colors of Paradise, Contemporary Art from Pakistan, Mascat.

2008  Ocean Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2008  Moving Ahead, National Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2007  Lahore Art scene, Art scene Galleries, Karachi Pakistan.

2006  Euphonic Palate, ITC Sheraton Mumbai, India.

2006  Euphonic Palate, French Centre, Delhi, India.

2006  Transcending Borders, ITC Maurya Sheraton & Towers, Delhi, India.

2005  Senior Artists Show, Clifton Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2004  Image of Pakistan, at World Bank, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2003  Exhibition of International Interchange of MOK WOD HOE Art Association, Spirit of Asia, Korea.

2003  Group exhibition at KUNJ Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2002  Participated in a group exhibition of painting “Takhtee” held“ Zahoor-ul-Ikhlaq” trust in Sadeguain Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2001  Participated in a group exhibition of painting “Expressions 2K”held by District Administration Jehlum.

1994  Participated in all exhibition held by Punjab Artists Association and young Artist Association.